Cori Goldfarb

Founder, Truth + Jewelry

cori-goldfarbCori Goldfarb is well known as a jewelry doyenne within her circle of chic, fashion-savvy friends. She launched Truth + Jewelry, her exclusive line of earrings, necklaces, bracelets and accessories to service a private clientele—and now has enhanced that elite collection for a broader audience. Each Truth + Jewelry piece reflects Cori’s unique style sensibility, a blend of understated elegance and artful innovation.

A self-described “beauty junkie,” Cori has always been considered a tastemaker among her friends and professional associates. One of her celebrity fans, Bethenny Frankel, regularly wears Truth + Jewelry creations on her talk show, and she recently touted Cori’s “rock star” beauty credentials in her popular blog. Jewelry design is but one of Cori’s passions: She is also the Founder of Truth + Beauty, a virtual beauty playground for grown-ups in Roslyn, Long Island. Here, clients can find customized laser procedures and products specifically chosen for their efficacy and transforming results.

Cori’s ceaseless appreciation for “the best of all things beautiful” has propelled her career right from the start. She received her Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Maryland; her discerning eye for style won her an eventual position in New York City as a fashion coordinator for Calvin Klein. At other points in her career, Cori worked with famed swimwear designers Karla Koletta and Malia Mills.

In recent years, Cori has balanced a devotion to her four children and family with her thriving design career and dynamic involvement in local charities. Within her community, Cori’s many philanthropic efforts have won her continued recognition and respect. She has devoted her time to several charitable organizations, including the UJA Federation, Heather on Earth and the Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation. UJA Federation is dedicated to supporting and strengthening the Jewish community; Cori regularly lends her talents to this organization to oversee design elements for philanthropic events. As an active member of Heather on Earth and the Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation, she spends her time visiting sick children and helps secure auction items for charity galas. Now, Cori Goldfarb is poised to bring her entrepreneurial zeal and creative vision to the next level—making Truth + Beauty the next big thing in spas, and Truth + Jewelry a favored accessorizing choice for the discerning fashionista!